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Merchandise the right products to the right people with Pleisty's personalized
product recommendations based on real time purchase intent.

Automatic product recommendations based on user
behavior, delivered on multiple channels.
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Bringing a personalized shopping experience to

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What Pleisty does

First, Pleisty collects every user
interaction on your website.

It's just like your current web analytics provider, but focused towards capturing information about people, not just technical metrics.

Using state of the art infrastructure and technology, the raw data is processed in the private cloud.

Amazon Web Services NoSQL
Windows Azure

The result of refining all the info about the user reflects the accurate behaviour before and after a conversion.

Because every interaction is collected, connecting the dots that lead to a conversion goes beyond the classic purchase funnel model.

Comparing behaviours in real time between all of your visitors and customers reveal insightful patterns of purchase intent.

When two or more users have a similar set of interactions in common, Pleisty identifies statistically significant correlations.

Each time a new interaction is collected, Pleisty determines which products from your inventory are most likely to be purchased by the current visitor.

Pleisty's advanced algorithm setup also takes into account business rules to support retail requirements for sale items, new product introductions, margin goals, pricing rules, promotions or cross-selling.

Personalised recommendations are generated in less than a second on our
servers and displayed on your website, emails or short messages.

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On average, 15% of our customers revenue is directed by Pleisty.

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